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Choose your Eye Lash Package

Classic Lashes - Full Set $120

Classic lashes are simple but timeless - where to start if you have never had extensions. Classics suit all ages and eye shapes. To get this classy look we apply one extension to each natural lash. Choosing classics will get you that mascara look without the hassle and mess.

1 Week Refill - $40
2 Week Refill - $60
3 Week Refill - $70

Get Lashed

Hybrid Lashes - Full Set $150

Hybrid lashes are the perfect in- between – the best of both worlds with a balance of classic and volume extensions. Once you’re confident and used to your classic lashes you may want more dense and fluffier lashes. Hybrids are perfectly glamourous enough for that night out whilst still being comfortable and suitable for day-to-day wear.

1 week refill - $50
2 week refill - $70
3 week refill - $80

Go Hybrid

Volume Lashes - Full Set $180

Turn up the volume! – my personal favourite, volume lashes are dense, think and super fluffy. Wear them with confidence and your stare will have a strut! Volume lashes turn you from a basic B to a bad B! Every natural lash has a 3D-10D volume fan applied to it, depending on the desired shape and result.

1 week refill - $60
2 week refill - $80
3 week refill - $90

Gimme Volume

Mega Volume Lashes - Full Set $200

Mega volume lasehs are volumes on steroids! Applying a 15-20 hair volume fan to each natural lash you will get the ultimate Kimmy K look. Mega volumes aren’t for the faint hearted! We suggest trying volume lashes first, but if you still want more then we can turn you into a Mega girl!

1 week refill - $70
2 week refill - $90
3 week refill - $105

Let's Get Mega

Makeup Appointments

Feel your best for that next event or night out and get the look you want perfected by one of our professional artists.

For the very special occasions we do bridal parties and group bookings also. Hit us up to find out about group packages.

Event makeup from $70

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